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Fit Girl

IGNITE Sports Club

Where Fitness Becomes Your Passion 


Ignite Sports Club is an on fire, technology and power driven, multi-functional boutique private micro gym.  Ignite provides a safe, functional, comfortable workout environment that promotes physical activity, endurance and strength. 

Our facility offers a more intimate, exclusive private gym setting nestled in the heart of Homewood Heights. To maintain its exclusivity, membership is capped at 200 members.

Combining luxury, privacy, a complete AI experience along with the latest fitness equipment, members are sure to unwind, relieve stress, train, exercise, socialize and recharge. IGNITE!

Our Classes

Join Ignite and Transform Your Body and Mind

Friends Posing


We are a community that thrives

on perseverance, dedication, motivation and change. No longer will you sit back hoping and wishing for a change, a better, healthier, stronger body and mind, we encourage you to BE the change that you are looking for.


"Those who do not find time for exercise, will have to find time for illness."

                                      -Earl of Darby

Don't let this be your story! You only have one body, one life, let's work together to maximize its potential. Mastery is key! Motivation and determination is key! IGNITE THE FLAME!

Mobility Challenge


At Ignite our trainers are committed to helping you reach your goals and get the results you want. Our rigorous, results oriented methodology combines science, nutrition, supplementation, free weight, body weight, AI and machine driven exercises to help facilitate strength, endurance and develop the body you want. 

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