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IGNITE! Your approach to total body healing and wellness!  Burn away anxiety, burn away stress, burn away high blood pressure, depression and obesity with Ignite Sports Club! Your beginning to a change and a new future of wellness starts here. IGNITE!


Over the past year,  I have lost an uncle to a massive stroke, all out of the blue with no underlying health conditions, just a few weeks prior an aunt who experienced several mini strokes along with severe diabetes complications and most recently, our family patriarch suffered a stroke which has prayerfully, temporarily inhibited his ability to speak.

Our practices have also seen thousands of clients who also have their own stories of loss and suffering through chronic illnesses, multiple comorbidities along with a family history of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke and many other life altering conditions. Don't let this be your story....let this end with you!

Our team of talented doctors, nurse practitioners, weight loss specialists, counselors, coaches, physiotherapists, psychologists, clients and friends gathered together to discuss a plan to not only aesthetically make you look and feel better, but also mentally, physically and spiritually do and be better.

Thus...Ignite Sports Club was born.  A community of diverse, yet like minded individuals that want to see the change in their lives  by enhancing their physical well being  and improving their mental and emotional state all while pursuing a better version of themselves. Are you up for the challenge? IGNITE!

Our Staff

Our staff is committed to helping you reach your bodies' own unique potential. Through the use of AI and science our team of licensed professionals, doctors, personal trainers and weight loss coaches will customize a plan that is sure to bring results, better health and a better way of life. 

Our tried and true approach consists of a complete metabolic, physiological, and dietary assessment. Then, backed by technology, we plug in your numbers and assessments to create a specific, no nonsense approach to your fitness experience. 

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